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Micah Barnes grew up in Gary, Indiana, a city once known for its violence and dismal economic climate. He saw many of his peers squander their futures. Some were incarcerated, and others lost their way. Most became productive members of society, like teachers, coaches, pastors, athletes, and loving fathers.

Before becoming an author and motivational speaker, Micah Barnes worked as a video editor in a busy newsroom in Jacksonville, Florida. In the summer of 2013, he repeatedly saw videos of mothers crying over the murder of their sons. Boys and girls wept over the senseless deaths of their brothers and sisters. Neighbors shed more tears when they realized someone had intruded upon their peace of mind. Their hopes for a successful community were shattered. He constantly saw victims’ social media pictures, alongside mugshots of young criminals. After a particularly emotionally draining day at work, a photographer said, “Micah, somebody’s gotta do something about these murders.”

Those words never left him. Over the next week, Micah contemplated ways to inject hope into his community. Since that time, he has spoken to numerous experts, gleaning hope from what he learned from them. In those conversations, he learned various ways to ensure that our next generation is positive, productive, and empowered to do great things.

Now, Micah spreads his positive messages by serving Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northeast Florida. He mentors young men, encouraging them to exceed the world’s expectations. Whether he’s tutoring elementary and middle school students or just talking to them, he tries to inspire them to do amazing things.

Micah Barnes Author Who Stole My Future




“Animated, friendly, genuine.”

Nicole Saunders

Author, Disposable

“I’d really recommend reading this book… it really helps set you up and understand how to interact with kids, how to get the best out of your kids, and how to set them up for the future… I can’t recommend this book enough.”

Nigel Smith

London, UK

“Powerful yet practical, Who Stole My Future? offers tips, tactics, and proven approaches for guiding the actions of youth. A great ‘how-to’ guide for building confidence and assurance in kids by giving them vision and a pathway they can follow.”

Sean Covey

International Bestselling Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and Education Division Leader, FranklinCovey