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I wanted to start off the year with what I call the most valuable weapon anyone can have – self-confidence!

I want your honest answer. How would you feel if you were interrupted every time you talked? Any time you uttered a word, it seemed like nobody listened. Nobody cared what you thought, your jokes weren’t funny, and your opinions didn’t matter.

You’d likely feel ostracized – like you really don’t belong. And your self-confidence would probably take a hit, right?

Welcome to my childhood.

Any time I was around older kids, I felt invisible. They ignored my opinions, thoughts, jokes, or anything else I had to say. If that’s not bad enough, I was short, soft-spoken, and I lacked gumption. Socially, I was an outsider. I thought and acted differently than other kids. It seemed like I would never fit in.

After a while, it didn’t matter because I had a supportive family and a great church family who never let me forget how valuable I was. They helped me embrace my uniqueness. They constantly reminded me that I was talented, and I would do amazing things one day. I just needed to be persistent and put my mind toward anything I wanted to do. I’d be successful if I was determined to make my dreams come true.

Whether you’re a parent or a community leader, continue to compliment them without making them arrogant. After all, we all know one person who is a little too cocky and has absolutely no reason to be because, well. . . they suck. So, it’s important to convey the truth and be positive in your message.

Describe a time in your life where your self-esteem was low. How did you get your confidence back?